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Caribbean IRN Update : January 2013

It has been some time since we updated you. The IRN website at went down last year, so we have not been able to post additional resources there. The content is available for access, thanks to the work of Kalle Westerling. Kalle is the new Co-ordinator of the IRN at CLAGS.  We are working on building a new website. The activism work continues in the Caribbean and discussions in the media reflect the complexity of how we deal with gender and sexuality. In Jamaica, the Caribbean Vulnerable Coalition/JFLAG has launched the 'We are Jamaicans' campaign with a series of videos. Check the YouTube channel  In Guyana, the murder of sex worker -  Wesley Holde r, called “Tiffany” and “Horatia' resulted in media reports which reflected on acceptance within family and community .   In New York, Urban+Out convened a panel as part of their Caribbean Crossroads Tour. The panel included Colin Robinson from CAISO | GSPOTTT | Trinidad & Tobago - via Sk