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The fight for justice - Caribbean IRN Update February 2017

Left - from Transmission Gallery, Right from Demerara Waves In Guyana, the Court of Appeal dismisses the appeal on the "cross-dressing" challenge . The same day   Magistrate Dylon Bess refuses entry to Petronella  (Ronel Trotman) - a transender complainant in an assault case - until "she dresses like a man". Petronella is subsequently locked out of the court when the case is dismissed.  All of this would mean more work for the Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr George Norton who has committed to leading the ant-discrimination law reform . There is no indication that the Minister would be facilitating meetings  to promote cohesion between the Magistrate Bess and the citizens who have been refused entry to the courtroom.  In Guyana also, SASOD has launched a campaign against anti-LGBT hate speech and music on radio. In Suriname, the Government has filed an appeal against the Court decision to recognise transgender Yvanna Hilton as a woman In Trinidad and Tob