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Gay poetry showing resistance and acceptance - Caribbean iRN Update April 2016

From left, Director of the D'Marco Foundation Alexus D'Marco, Alicia Seymour, Felicity Smith and Tori Culmer address the media yesterday about concerns related to the transgender and intersex community in The Bahamas. (Photo: Torrell Glinton) from Bahamas Local  From Trinidad & Tobago and Peepal Tree Press "Colin Robinson’s long-awaited debut collection, You Have You Father Hard Head, represents a nuanced but unswerving engagement with desire and intimacy as he explores what it means to be a Caribbean son negotiating the complexities of relationships between men." and in Guyana, Clinton Duncan stands in a skirt and top to perform  and he wins the National Poetry Slam Competition for Guyana's 50 Years of Independence . Same sex relationships and cross dressing for 'improper' purpose are still illegal 50 years after independence, and it looks like it will continue to be so for awhile ) In Jamaica, a study reports in an 'increase in

LGBT Inclusion and exclusion - Caribbean IRN Update February, March 2016

Image from Guyana Chronicle Guyana's Minister of Social Protection , Ms Volda Lawrence called for Inclusion of LGBT  while addressing participants at a cocktail reception. She has subsequently come under fire for not dealing with allegations of child abuse made against a colleague , and for making disparaging remarks about the persons who made the accusations. Magistrate Dylon Bess though, did not heed Minister Lawrences' call and  refused to allow Twinkle access to his courtroom, in defiance of the court judgement on the cross dressing laws. The Guyana Trans United protested the discrimination. The A ppeal on the decision is to be heard. In Bermuda, t he Rainbow Alliance has opposed the announcement by the Government to have a referendum on Marriage Equalit y. They noted that the campaigns for the referendum will intensify the homophobia in the society. In Barbados,  the Minister of Labour t, Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo  was firm that the Bajan Government was not going