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Survey Report : Attitudes towards Homosexuals in Guyana (2013)

In early 2013 the regional research organisation Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) concluded a national survey across Guyana which examined the attitudes of Guyanese towards homosexuals. This was a component of a three-country examination of similar attitudes. These studies were funded by the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Barbados HIV/Aids Commission and sought to explore, benchmark and in the case of Barbado s track, local attitudes toward this section of the population which has recently been the focus of increased attention. CADRES also did a similar survey in Trindad & Tobago. CADRES has made the report available for public use. Click here to download the report. The report was launched in Guyana on 19th July, 2013. The launch event featured a presentation by Mr Peter Wickham, Director of CADRES This is a slide cast of the presentation. Attitudes towards homosexuals in Guyana from Caribbean International Resourc

Celebration, culture wars, violence - Caribbean IRN Update June 2013

There was celebration in Martinique as Rosemonde Zébo and Myriam Jourdan became the first same-sex couple to be married there. There was celebration in Guyana as SASOD commemorated its 10th Annversary  with a range of events including the launch of their documentary video. In Guyana as well, the arguments on the Constitutional challenge to the cross-dressing laws conclude . In the midst of the celebrations though, the violence against Sandy Jackman who was a target of an acid attack is reminder of the hatred which exists. The Guyana Rainbow Foundation also issued a statement to condemn the sections of reporting on the media which intimated. Caribbean media though, showed its diversity.  The US Supreme Court ruling on DOMA resulted in editorials in the Jamaica Gleaner and Stabroek News which spoke to the reforms necessary in Jamaica and Guyana respectively. The Atlantic Magazine carries an interesting article about the "culture wars" as they related