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Visibility, laws, politics : Caribbean IRN Update March 2015

Header of CAISO Campaign in the Trinidad media Guyana Trans United calls for "inclusivity in National development" as they commemorate I nternational  Transgender Day of Visibilit y.  Visibility is complex.  Professor Carolyn Cooper writes about Coming out in Jamaica : Dead or Alive Jamaican born Author Marlon James writes his story in the New York times , Kenita Placide fro m St Lucia tells her story at Quorum : Global LGBT Voices . Angelique Jackson from Quality Citizen Jamaica tells her story in church in Miami , USA and Joel Simpson talks about his story on TV in Guyana .  Colin Robinson in Trinidad & Tobago writes in the Trinidad Guardian about his   Grief, Love , Hope and Activism . In Suriname, the LGBT Platform walks against Discrimination and Racism against Discrimination during anti-Discrimination week Maurice Tomlinson's case against the Governments of Belize and Trinidad & Tobago i s heard in the Caribbean Court of Justice . Colin

Same sex adoption , music and LGBT tourism - Caribbean IRN Update February 2015

The Caribbean Sea continued to move between  Bermuda where the Supreme Court ruled that unmarried couples including same-sex couples can adopt children, and Trinidad & Tobago where they had a lil bacchanal when Senator Cudjoe suggested that Trinidad & Tobago 's adoption law would have to consider same sex adoption.  However , Minister Coudray said that they are not so advanced . This is a Trinidadian video production  Coming Out Stories and Steups Productions Present: LGBT Rights in T&T In Jamaica, TVJ mutes a gay man's Grammy Award speech as Queen Ifrica said  the reggae artistes slammed gays to get applause , and music manager Copeland Forbes said t hat gays made the Jamaican music industry suffer. However, J-FLAG said they are open to dialogue with the artistes. The   P ublic Defender in Jamaica Arlene Harrison - Henry commits to rights for all including LGBT Jamaicans.   J-FLAG announced its Top Achievements  in LGBT rights in Jamaica in 2014  w