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IDAHOT celebrations, Church, Renegades and good men - Caribbean IRN Update May 2014

May started with the news that Jamaican "homosexual activist" Maurice Tomlinson was given leave from the Caribbean Court of Justice to challenge the Immigration Laws of Belize a nd Trinidad & Tobago. May 17th was International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. There was a week of activities in Cuba for its Seventh Campaign Against Homophobia . Photo taken from UNDP Latin America In Guyana, SASOD lauched its Cine Campaign and facilitated the 'Selfie Expression' campaign. In Trinidad, activists picketed the Parliament and the British High Commission lowered the Union Jack and raised the Rainbow Flag. From the Trinidad Expres s Amin Flood from United & Strong in St Lucia calls for an end to discrimination . While the laws might not be changing, there are some small things happening. In Trinidad, a young