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LGBT and Caribbean politics - Caribbean IRN Update April 2015

Politics in the Caribbean territories have shown homophobia and tolerance/acceptance in different forms. Jowelle DeSouza is an Independent Candidate for San Fernando West. Jowelle De Souza is transsexual. In this TV interview, she talks about her campaign. Jowelle De Souza -Independent Candidate San Fernando West from globewriter on Vimeo . In Trinidad & Tobago, a Newsday TT article on Thursday 30 April, 2015 gave prominence to some of the homophobic religious leaders. However, this article generated an editorial (in the same Newsday) and other commentary which condemned the views of the religious leaders and which acknowledged her right to be engaged in Trinidad & Tobago politics. This included support for Ms DeSouza from the head of the Inter Religious Organisation. In Jamaica, US President Obama visited and there were concerns about how he will talk about Gay Rights. He acknowledged lesbian activist Angeline Jackson and her work . Image from