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Human Rights for LGBT in the Caribbean - Caribbean IRN Update December 2014

Happy New Year to everyone Please do not forget our   Call for Submissions, Convocatoria, Appel à publications :Special Collection by the Caribbean IRN & Sargasso Human Rights Day in 2014 had different commemorations and associations in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, Father Sean Major-Cambpell encouraged a transgender citizen to address his congregation and he chose to wash the feet of a lesbian as part of the lesson in acceptance. The Jamaica Gleaner publishes an editorial  "Act of humanity by Father Major-Campbell" In Barbados, Alexa Hoffman's story is reported in the Barbados Today . Picture from In Barbados, Barbados-GLAD launches its Voices Project, sharing stories of LGBT Barabdian citizens. ( ) In Trinidad & Tobago, IGDS held an event "Evolving Gender and Feminist Conversations:
 Cyber Activism, Social Networking and LGBT Organizing."