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Love and Citizenship - Caribbean IRN Update Oct, Nov, Dec 2017

Top quote from "Barbados Pride combats nation's anti-LGBT hatred " , Bottom quote from " Chief Justice laments murder of Sasha Fierce, calls it a hate crime" Love The murder of Sasha Fierce generated hateful comments. There were responses of love from colleagues and friends , and a campaign #SayHerName . (Update : A man has been charged for her murder ) Newsday had an editorial "R IP Sasha Pierce.  "  Chief Justice Ivor Archie called for acceptance instead of tolerance   while lamenting the murder. Sasha Fierce was active in the campaign "Not a Straight Thing" by Friends4LifeTT. Citizenship In Barbados, a Christian youth group marched to reclaim the rainbow. LGBT citizens and allies did a counter protest. The ' Row over the rainbow colours " though seemed to end peacefully and prayerfully, according to  one of the counter-marchers, Luci Hammans, . Another Church leader said that Christians loved the sinners, not t