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No to same-sex marriage, yes to same-sex loving tourists; the gay Agenda - Caribbean IRN Update February , March 2018

Image from J-FLAG Gay Agenda J-Flag  publishes the Gay Agenda .  which does not mention anything about marriage or about turning every body gay. Bermuda becomes  "the first jurisdiction in the world to repeal same-sex marriage"   even as the Government seeks to attract LGBTQ tourists to the island  saying that they are ahead of the rest of the Caribbean in at least allowing domestic partnerships. However, ECADE says that gay marriage is not a focus for LGBT activists  in response to a Human Rights Watch report  "“I Have to Leave to Be Me” Discriminatory Laws against LGBT People in the Eastern Caribbean"  Barbados Minister Blackett also says No to gay marriage   in response to the report as he tries to show love and understanding while talking about being harassed as a straight person. In the Cayman Islands , the Deputy Governor warns Caymanians  that they will have to deal with same-sex civil unions. Dr Dhanayshar Mohabir, an Independent Senator of Tr