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Loss and resilience - Caribbean IRN Update- November, December 2020

  Loss The LGBTIQ++ community in Trinidad & Tobago mourned the loss of Anthony Medina  who as CAISO noted "made indelible contributions to LGBTI community and dress-up culture in T&T," Launch of the Digital Archive of the Jamaica Gaily News  The Jamaica Gaily News (JGN) was the publication of the first gay activist organization in the anglophone Caribbean, the Gay Freedom Movement (GFM) in Jamaica.   The Caribbean IRN is pleased to have added the JGN collection of the 82 issues to the GFM archive on the Digital Library of the Caribbean.  The Launch event was held virtually on Friday 20 November, 2020 and featured a panel reflecting on this moment in Jamaica’s history.  The panelists were :- Vidyaratha Kisson – Coordinator, Caribbean International Resource Network Larry Chang – Co-Founder of GFM and JGN Editor Donna Smith – GFM member and JGN columnist Glen McDaniel – GFM member and JGN columnist Jennifer Ffrench-Parker – Jamaican journalist Moderator Matthew Chin, As