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Hating and loving the sinner - Caribbean IRN Update September 2015

The message of loving the sinner from the persons who p rayed and worshiped against  homosexuality" at Half Way Tree, Kingston was different from the other citizens who tried to attack a gay man a few days earlier in the same spirit. However,  Sergeant Robert Cameron of the Jamaica Constabulary Force intervened and  "rescued" the gay man, Sky,  from the citizens who do not believe in loving the sinner.  The UK Prime Minister David Cameron also came in for some love from Christian citizens who believed he was on the island to push for gay marriage and repealing the buggery law. Cuba's LGBT citizens reportedly hoped for changes in the Catholic church on the visit of Papa Francisco to Cuba. Activist Alberto Guerra spoke about LGBT life at an event in Chicago. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell of Grenada also preaches about who should judge who in  Brooklyn New York, USA  (Kellon Bubb video) Colin Robinson has an interview on St Kitts & Nevis WINN Radio a bout t