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LGBT seeking Justice - Caribbean IRN Update January 2017

L - Caleb Orozco from Pink News, C- Yvanna Hilton and Audrey Tjong a Sie from DWT , R - Winston Godwin and Greg De Rouche from The Royal Gazette In Suriname,  transgender citizen Yvanna Hilton has won the right to change her gender at the Census Office after a year long court battle. In Bermuda, preservers of marriage continue to pray as the court hears the case brought by Winston Godwin and Greg De Roche . Caleb Orozco from   Belize collects the 2017 David Kato Vision and Voice Award in the UK. See his speech on Youtube There is news from Cuba that activist  Nelson Gandulla Díaz is harassed and prevented from leaving the country. There is no news of Mariela Castro's response. The Jamaica Star reports that Mayor of Maypen , Winston Maragh is concerned about a gang of homosexuals warring with a gang of heterosexuals.  The J amaica Star also reports on the launch of Outpages, whose developers failed to respond to request for interviews. In Cayman Islands, Colour