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Caribbean IRN Update - July, August, September, October 2020

Message from Jamaica Gaily News Law In Barbados, there is talk that Barbados will recognise same-sex marriage as they relinquish the Queen. They seem to want to do this without decriminalizing sodomy. However, the Anglicans ,  Methodists and others were against it. Alexa Hoffman files a transgender discrimination case against the Government. The Jamaica Gleaner refers to Barbados in its Editorial : Conversations needed about the Buggery Law , even as " TVJ wins court battle against Gay Activist " . The Jamaica Observer seems to agree about the time to deal with Thorny Issues.  However the majority of Jamaicans in a poll want to keep the anti-sodomy laws. In Cayman Islands, a law allowing same-sex parternships comes into place. In Cayman , activists come under threat from an online group , even as the Police Commissioner does not seem to take the threats seriously. In Guyana,  SASOD launches a campaign a gainst cyber-bullying.   Just before the UNC lost the elections