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Working against discrimination - Caribbean IRN Update May 2016

From Havana Times blog Cuba celebrated their 9th IDAHOT , keeping the theme of ending discrimination in the work place. Blogger Warhol P writes about the parade on Saturday 14 May , and his concerns about the politics mixed with the event. Bermuda will be holding a referendum on Same Sex Marriage on 23 June. Huffington Post publishes an article " The Struggle for Transgender Rights in the Caribbean" In Barbados, there was outrage against an article in the Nation which called rape 'male medicine'. The Nation apologised. The new Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality calls on the political parties i n the St Lucia elections to talk about issues relating to the LGBT community. They question the inclusion of candidates who have pursued homophobic agendas. Jessica St Rose from St Lucia  shares her story . In the Bahamas, activist Erin Greene, and Alex Marco head of Bahamas Transgender Intersex United condemned the homophobic comments of