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All male weddings, promises, Pride - Caribbean IRN Update April, May, June 2021

L - From Sunday Graphic 12 July, 1959; R - Demerara Daily Chronicle 28 September , 1884  All male weddings The Demerara Daily Chronicle (Guyana) of 28 September, 1884 had a story " An Extraordinary Story : Alleged Marriage of two men in Camp Street " which started "It having been reported to us that a scandalous occurrence had taken place in Camp Street on Friday, we yesterday instituted close and searching inquiries into the truth of the extraordinary story which had been brought to our notice. This was, in short that two persons of the same sex had been parties to a so-called marriage ceremony...."  The rest of the story gives a glimpse into the lives of 'Aunty Men' at 19th century Guyana (British Guiana). A Letter to the Editor in September 1893 refers to 'outcasts in female attire' while the Police News in December 1894 report on men being charged for dressing in female attire for improper purpose.  These items were donated by Dr Jeremy Peretz