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Buggery. ganja and municipal declarations against homophobia - Caribbean IRN Update April 2014

In Belize, Vanessa, a transgender woman is stoned by a mob as is reported in this news report.   UNIBAM writes about the  connection between religion and politics and discrimination  against LGBT, UNIBAM also  challenged the Government of Belize at the IACHR hearing.   Civil society organisations from Jamaica also spoke to the IACHR hearing of the lack of action of the Jamaican Government to different abuses against LGBT. However, the Government has been talking. The Leader of the Opposition of Jamaica asked for a R eferendum on the laws against buggery and ganja. In cross talk with she said that she asked a Minister to meet with the LGBT community. Meanwhile, the Minister responsible for youth said her ministry would be developing programmes for LGBT youth. The Jamaican Minister of Health notes that cultural and religious beliefs drive stigma and discrimination with respect to HIV & AIDS , while no reports are made about what he plans to do about that. In response