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Light from the City upon a HIll - Caribbean IRN Update March 2017

News broke in 2017 of a letter written by 289 Christians to President Donald Trump to shine a moral beam from the City Upon a Hill.  Activists in St Maarten , St Lucia , Guyana and the Bahamas have commented on the letter. The Caribbean is probably sunny and bright enough. Another kind of American interest though, seems to be countering the Pastors as American tourists are said to be 'improving queer life' in Cuba.  T asheka Lavan mourns her birth place Antigu a while on a visit to Cuba. Transit Havana is a film about gender reassignment  in Cuba. In Jamaica, the LGBT citizens are assured of the support of the Canadian Government though Pride walking Prime Minister Trudeau knows that advancing LGBT rights in the Commonwealth is a 'delicate task'.  "This is Who I am"  is another film  about being LGBT in Jamaica. Dancehall and Gay bashing   seem to inspire some International stars according to the Jamaica Observer. Jamaica was also the venue