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Inclusion and fashion statements - Caribbean IRN Update for August and juicy part of September 2015

Photo by Maurice Tomlinson - Barbados Stand for Equality - 19 August, 2015 from Activist Colin Robinson asked What do LGBTI voters have to vote for?  in Trinidad & Tobago's recent elections. Blogger Brandon O'Brien wrote about the " The State of The Division: LGBT Rights in Trinidad and Tobago, As It Stands Today " which gives a history of the ambiguity and ambivalence (not the fascinating sexual kind) of LGBTI talk in Trinidad & Tobago.  The People's Partnership's 2015 Manifesto, like the ones of the APNU+AFC Coalition and the PPP/C in Guyana's May 2015 elections, included a key principle about not discriminating on the grounds of sexual orientation.  The Allies for Justice & Diversity put up a manifesto  J owelle De Souza, a transgender citizen ran for a seat in her constituency as an independent candidate. New Prime Minister Keith Rowley had said , on LGBTI rights, that he was not prepar