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Course materials, crusades : Caribbean IRN Update November 2014

The Caribbean IRN is happy to share the   Course Materials : Advancing Sexuality Studies: A short course on sexuality theory and research methodologies In Barbados. Minister of Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe would rather resign than allow the gender-neutral Domestic Violence legislation , and promises to campaign against such changes.  This is even as a survey indicated that Barbadians a re generally tolerant of homosexuals. B-GLAD called for his resignation. (The 1996 Domestic Violence Act in Guyana is gender neutral ) In Belize, the Belize Association of Evangelical Churche s calls for a national referendum on repealing section 53. UNIBAM's Caleb Orozco writes about 'Deconstructing Oppression' reviewing the nature of the opposition to LGBT equality.  In Suriname, a homophobic song Bullet , opens up discussion on the singer and his sexual orientation. The lgbt platform with advice from the police are able to file complaints. Al Jazee

Visibility - Parade. Protest and Citizenship - Caribbean IRN Update October 2014

Image taken from DWTOnline Suriname saw the celebration of Coming Out Week organised by LGBT Platform of Suriname . Suriname was the venue for the S econd Women and Sexual Diversity Conference For LBT Activists  .  Paige Andrew writes about her experience at the conference. The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, LGBT Platform Suriname, and LGBTI Aware Caribbean conducted a  4 day "train the trainer" LGBTI sensitization training programme for Suriname police in October. There is an  announcement that US NGO Human Rights Watch will be visiting Suriname in 2015   though not for Coming Out Week. Human Rights Watch also releases a film " Unchecked Homophobic Violence in Jamaica". How are Caribbean men dealing with diverse sexualities?  Richie Maitland from Grenada talks about being a straight man involved in LGBT activism; and UNAIDS in the Caribbean releases the results of the Caribbean Men's Internet Survey The UNAIDS Caribbean Vimeo channel has

Cuba dice sí , Trinidad & Tobago say Not yet - Caribbean IRN Update September 2014

Image from  : IDAHO march in Cuba  Cuba voted Yes along with 24 other countries  of the UN Human Rights Council  in favour of a resolution against homophobic violence and discrimination. Guyana's neighbours, Venezuela and Brazil also voted in favour of the resolution. Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, Kamla Persaud-Bissessar indicated that it was not legally possible  to deal with gay rights. This revelation generated responses from activists and organisations  including CAISO and included comments from the  the Inter-Religious Organisation  and the Catholic Church . This post on Global Voices describes the reactions. In Jamaica, Father Sean Major-Campbell of the Anglican Church writes about the criminalisation of sex. In Trinidad & Tobago, the TT Film Festival awarded  its inaugural Amnesty International Human Rights Prize to the Abominable Crime. The film is described in the award announcement as a "to

Call for Submissions,Convocatoria,Appel à publications :Special Collection by the Caribbean IRN & Sargasso

Special Collection by the Caribbean IRN & Sargasso Title: Love | Hope | Community: Sexualities and Social Justice in the Caribbean Sexualities in the Tent, Wall Mural, Bohemia, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, July 2013" photo credit: Angelique V. Nixon. Call for Submissions Please click here to Download the PDF Movements for sexual citizenship and equal rights for sexual minorities across the region (particularly in the Anglophone and Hispanophone Caribbean) are growing and have garnered local and international media attention. With recent court cases challenging discriminatory laws and the backlash and frenzy over a so-called “gay lobby” in the region, we are at a crucial juncture of visibility, misrepresentation, anti-sexual minority violence, increased activism, lawsuits, and ongoing survival. It is a vital time to respond to recent events critically and from myriad perspectives, as well as to reflect on these movements, make interventions, figh

Gays are here to stay - Caribbean IRN Update July/August 2014

While Guyanese were dealing with the homophobia/homo-negativity of Junior Minister of Finance Juan Edghill, the murders of Jada (Justin John Samuels) and Tyra (Carlyle Sinclair) resulted in a series of protest actions and demands for respect and acceptance. The actions included calls for the dismissal of Minister Edghill One interview from Otisha asserted that "Gays are here to stay" There were supportive newspaper columns such as the editorial Homophobia in the Society   , and the columns The Right to Equality and  "These things provide a welcome distraction " (which has some historical perspectives) Other Caribbean leaders were also dancing with the idea of LGBT equality. In Guyana, former Commissioner of Police and now Opposition Member of Parliament Winston Felix facilitated a workshop with LGBT  Guyanese and supporters.  However, while St Vincent Prime Min

Prejudice and Pride : Caribbean IRN Update June 2014

Didi Winston (Picture taken from Barbados Nation) A conversation on Facebook leads to a brutal attack on Akil Thomas in Trinidad & Tobago who said his belief in God kept him alive even as his attacker asked him first if he believed in God. In Jamaica, it is reported that 2 5,000 God fearing Jamaicans said "NO TO THE HOMO AGENDA" In  Guyana, the Chairman of the Inter-Religious Organisation, Pastor McGarell says 'gays should go live on an island  by themselves", sentiments supported by the God fearing Junior Minister of Finance, Juan Edghill . However, there have been responses to some of the beliefs. In Guyana, Swami Aksharananda rejects Pastor McGarrell's assertions  while veteran Trade Unionist Lincoln Lewis cautions that Guyana is not a theocracy . In Barbados, Didi Winston  protests her treatment at the Pricesmart , and the Barbados Nation writes about  her story  .   Reverend Clifford Hall responding to the criticisms of the reporting of Di

IDAHOT celebrations, Church, Renegades and good men - Caribbean IRN Update May 2014

May started with the news that Jamaican "homosexual activist" Maurice Tomlinson was given leave from the Caribbean Court of Justice to challenge the Immigration Laws of Belize a nd Trinidad & Tobago. May 17th was International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. There was a week of activities in Cuba for its Seventh Campaign Against Homophobia . Photo taken from UNDP Latin America In Guyana, SASOD lauched its Cine Campaign and facilitated the 'Selfie Expression' campaign. In Trinidad, activists picketed the Parliament and the British High Commission lowered the Union Jack and raised the Rainbow Flag. From the Trinidad Expres s Amin Flood from United & Strong in St Lucia calls for an end to discrimination . While the laws might not be changing, there are some small things happening. In Trinidad, a young