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Transgender visibility, Gay Marriage - Caribbean IRN Update January, February, March 2019

Guyana Trans United leads March for Transgender Visibility - 31st March, 2019 , Georgetown, Guyana "Transgender rights are human rights" the marchers called as they walked past the Brickdam Police Station where many transwomen had been locked up , and passed the courts where transwomen were told to find God or asked to leave the court room. "I thought the Cathedral was a bar" one young transwoman who did not visit Georgetown regularly said as the marchers walked through the area around St George's Cathedral, in Guyana. Some Church people in Trinidad & Tobago object though, as the Church Council and Rebuild TT say that LGBTI people do not deserve human rights.  This all started when a politician, Bhoe Tewarie told religious groups to accept LGBT citizens. Politicians across the Caribbean seem to be coming out in support of their LGBT constituents. In St Kitts & Nevis, a young person asks Ministers about LGBT rights, and the Ministers said tha