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Faith, politics, hope - Caribbean IRN Update April , May 2017

Left : Cropped image of Mariela Castro in IDAHOT 2017 via Ontop mag, Right : Cropped Image from Bermuda via Caribbean 360 Colin Robinson writes from Trinidad to Guyana to hold out faith  in the leaders and citizens will reject the idea of a referendum to 'legalise homosexuality'. The Attorney General of Guyana and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guyana had talked about the Government's reluctance to 'legalise homosexuality' In Guyana, the Anglican Diocese convenes its Human Rights & Social Justice Commission which is expected to "work assiduously to confront social issues .. such as discrimination (racial, against persons living with disabilities, sexual orientation and gender identity and torture) ..." A gay  Canadian couple get engaged in Antigua where 'homosexuality is still illegal', while in the Bahamas a gay tourists man is attacked at Junkanoo.  Bermuda will will a llow same sex marriage , after a case which was initiat