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Proper purpose to be transgender, independence acknowledgement and kisses : Caribbean IRN Update September 2013

The j udgement was handed down i n the cross-dressing challenge in Guyana, ruling that the law only applied when cross-dressing was for 'improper purpose' The judge also ruled that the Magistrate did not do anything wrong in recommending Jesus to the litigants.  The litigants plan to appeal. The commentary in Guyana included an editorial in the Kaieteur News on the separation of church and state  and an a nalysis from Dr Alissa Trotz  in which she notes about the litigants "Their advocacy asks us to consider whether the freedoms that some of us enjoy in the Caribbean are based on the unfreedom of others. Surely this is not the lesson to be learned from the struggles of our ancestors." Dr Rosamond King wrote Trans in Guyana: Recognised but not Protected ; Scott Long wrote   Decision on Guyana’s dress code: Teheran on the Caribbean  and Se-shauna Wheatle gave a summary in the article Criminalising Cross-Dressing in Guyana: Quincy McEwan et al vs. Attorney General