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Imagination , reality - Caribbean IRN September 2017

(Left) Winston Goodwin and Greg De Roche by Callie Nicole Photograph from Royal Bermuda Gazette ;, Right Premier Eugene Eugene Rhuggenaath f rom Curacao Chronicle September 2017 was the month for the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in different parts of the Caribbean. Bermuda and marriage A gay couple though said they had a nice wedding and thanked Bermudans for their hospitality . The Bermudans also have to pay the costs associated with the case  brought by Winston Godwin and Greg DeRoche to allow gay marriage in Bermuda A Progressive Labour MP is planning to re-ban gay marriage . The Minister of Health is the lawyer for  people who want to appeal the court decision. The lack of access to health care for vulnerable groups is the reason for the call to End Sodomy Laws by PANCAP. The First Lady of Guyana, Mrs Sandra Granger,   believes "...rights are rights” and in order to build a cohesive society we must respect and value each other regardless of r