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Antigua and Barbuda now - Caribbean IRN Update May, June, July 2022

  Antigua and Barbuda Orden David and Women against Rape challenged the constitutionality of the laws which criminalised homosexuality in Antigua and Barbuda. The  Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in the High Court of Justice ruled the laws unconstitutional. SASOD in Guyana claimed this a s a victory for all Caribbean people. CariFLAGS also welcomed the ruling, as did ECADE .  The Caribbean Observatory on Sexual and Reproductive Health a nd Rights also praised the judgement.   Citizenship In Cuba, a September Referendum on the new Family Code would be done to get the 'people's decision' on  same-sex marriage and  adoption by LGBTIQ+ families among other things. In the BVI , the BVI Christian Council lost their appeal in dealing with a same-sex marriage case. The Montserrat Christian Council said they oppose same sex marriage as the UK tries to make it legal in the overseas territories. A gender neutral person Natino Thompson questions Bahamas' Prime Minister Davis ab

Visibility easing out of the pandemic - Caribbean IRN Update January, February, March, April 2022

   Visibility  The world seems to be easing out of the pandemic and Caribbean LGBTIQ+ continue their work for equal citizenship.  Does oil and gas mean anything for LGBTIQ+ Guyanese? Check P age 12 of the Stabroek News of 26 April, 2022 and offer an answer!  UNAIDS reports that Guyana's transgender community continues to call for an end to discrimination. Cuba continues the 'consultations' on the new family code which might open the door to gay marriage. Cuba's LGBTQ hotel opens up gay tourism in Cuba,  while a 'white gay cisgender' traveller lists Belize, Curaçao, Puerto Rico, Cartagena and St Barts as places where he felt safe. The Times UK puts Aruba on the list as well. Romanian activist Luca Istodor writes about an " Unlikely queer journey from Bucharest to Georgetown (Guyana) Our Circle in Belize spoke out against comments by the Minister of Religious Affair s in which he affirmed Christian Fundamental principles in public service. The Minister s