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"Man to man is so unjust, woman to woman is even worse "- Caribbean IRN Update November 2013

In Grenada, a  march against men's immorality organised by the Grand Anse Seventh Day Adventist Church starts chanting "Man to man is so unjust, woman to woman is even worse " . However, activists were present and the discussion about the March was taken up in the media. (These news clips are from the CC6 Facebook Page  ) Post by CC6 . The second clip features Nigel Mathlin from GrenCHAP responding to the march Post by CC6 . The Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference was held in September 2013 in Curacao. Kenita Placide spoke in this interview on DBS News in St Lucia The blogs from participants Latoya Nugent and  Ulelli Verbeke ; and the articles in the Trinidad Guardian and St Lucia Voice tell some of the results of the conference. The first hearings for the challenge to the immigration laws brought by Maurice Tomlinson against Belize

Plight and Pride of the Caribbean homosexuals - Caribbean IRN Update October 2013

An editorial in the Kaieteur News of Guyana speaks to the Plight of the Homosexuals, while a BBC documentary (first aired 9 November, 2013) addresses Jamaica's Gay Divide. Earlier in October, the police conducted a raid in Jamaica on some of the homeless gay youth as reported in this news item . Their belongings were burnt and no alternative accommodation was found for the youth. SASOD launches a video with the Envisioning Project entitled Homophobia in Guyana at which tells the story of Jessica and Maeve . On Monday 28th October, 2013 SASOD and other Guyanese organisations made submissions to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)  on "Violence, Sexuality and Gender Issues Affecting Children in Guyana" . The IACHR urged the government to take leadership in ensuring Human Rights. The hearing can be viewed at . The launch of the