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Violence, and political support for LGBT citizens - Caribbean IRN Update July 2015

Image from In Guyana, two men kill Noel Nephi Luthers . The police have the pictures of the killers but there have been no arrests. Thin Slice talks about her relationship with Samuel Bristol who went on a murderous rampage in July 2014. In Barbados, Darcy Dear from UGLAB talks about gay bashing. The Trinidad Guardian writes about being ' Transgender in T&T ', and Alessandra Hereman's story from Guyana is told in a  Voices of Youth   blog. In Belize, a man is charged for assaulti ng Caleb Orozco. July began with the CARICOM Heads of Government dealing with a petition to preserve Caribbean families  and to resist pressure from foreign governments and so on. CARIFLAGS also wrote to ask the Governments to ensure that Caribbean LGBT citizens are ensured of the protection of their rights , same as any other citizen. The UN Secretary General also talks to the Cari