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The Chief Justice, the Baroness, politics and rights - Caribbean IRN Update October, November 2015

Will Dominica be the first to repeal their homophobic laws? Baroness Scotland who was born in Dominica and is Commonwealth Secretary General d esignate has vowed to talk about decriminalisation of homosexuality in Commonwealth states. It seems she will talk everywhere except at the heads of government meetings which 'need consensus' for the agendas. In Bermuda, the Supreme Court ruled that those in same-sex partnerships with Bermudans had the same residence rights  as spouses of Bermudans even as the opponents of same-sex marriage target the island.  This ruling seems to have the potential of equality,  more than the one in Guyana where the ruling on the 'cross dressing laws' did not prevent police from charging Nicholas Kissoon for cross dressing.  Trinidad & Tobago Parliamentarians were caught up in a bacchanal about homophobic insults. The Jamaica Observer  editorialised about the homophobic comments  of the Minister of Justice. Caribbean HIV/AIDS L