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Public sewers and gay cruising in the Caribbean - Caribbean IRN Update March 2014

In Jamaica , a judge rules that the New Kingston sewers are public places so the police should not harass the LGBT youth who are living there . A  group of Christians visits the youth and prays with them . In St Lucia, a Gay cruise ship visits St Lucia and HTS TV had this news story HTS TV does a poll about the acceptance of homosexuals In the Dominican Republic, LGBT activists from REVASA, DIVERDOM and COIN call for an end to discrimination. In Grenada, Groundation Grenada discusses its 'Discrimination is Discrimination' Campaign which takes on the murder music in the Caribbean Jamaican activist Dane Lewis and Belizean activist Caleb Orozco participate in a panel discussion to talk about the American export of hate through several religious organisations. The New Local Mag from Trinidad & Tobago does a two