Socialismo Si, Homophobia No! - Caribbean IRN Update May 2015

While the USA sent their LGBT Envoys to Jamaica and then apologized for the miscommunication  , Cuba had symbolic same sex weddings blessed by priests from the USA  during their IDAHOT celebrations.

BBC NewsPhoto  Please check the article to see the news video clip!

Cuba's used  IDAHOT 2015 to  raise awareness about Labour and Marriage rights. The call  for Socalismo si, Homophobia No! was made by Mariella Castro at one of the events hosted during May 2015.

(One Havana Times blogger noted that the Ireland marriage equality vote was not reported in Cuba despite the calls for marriage equality in Cuba. )

In Guyana, Stabroek News editorialised on  Ireland;s vote on  Marriage Equality.  President David Granger affirmed that he will not allow "religious impositions" against LGBT persons in his administration. The Guyana Trans United expressed their concerns about the decision of a magistrate concerning an incident around the murders of Jason (Jada) Samuels and Carl (Tyra) Sinclair

The  Guyana 2015 elections saw the major parties promising not to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation. This move was publicly welcomed by SASOD.

In St Lucia, United and Strong held a panel discussion for IDAHOT which was reported in the media.

In Jamaica, one Member of Parliament  Julian Robinson seeks solutions for homeless LGBT youth, while in Barbados, another MP and Minister,  is still not backing gay marriage.  Jamaica had to deal with its LGBT rights record during the Universal Periodic Review process.

Caleb Orozco's story is reported in the New York Times magazine.

Richie Maitland speaks as one of three activists in this ISHR video "Defending Diversity"

JFLAG in Jamaica is raising Funds for #PRiDEJA2015 to be held in August 2015.

In June 2015 in Guyan,  SASOD hosts its 11th LGBT Film Festival.


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