Men in dresses - Caribbean IRN Update July to December 2019

Image from article "Men in Dresses - and a village is divided," The Sunday Chronicle, Sept 5 1971.
Charlot Jeudy, HaitiCharlot Jeudy, leader of Kouraj was found dead on November 25, 2019.

"Men in dresses"
"Men in dresses - and a village is divided" is an article in a 1971 article in the Sunday Chronicle in Guyana. The story tells of Anita the Iceberg, Miss Diamond, Shakira, Penny and Miss Viking Queen who lived in Grove village, East Coast Demerara.

This article was reported on by Akola Thompson in her  column The Minority Report in Stabroek News. The title of the column is"Trans history and remembrance: Beyond the stereotypes

Almost five decades later, in Jamaica, Renaè Green and Donique Givans from Transwave Jamaica tell their stories of dealing with discriminationNeish Maclean shares his story in the Jamaica Gleaner, and makes the front page of the Sunday Magazine.

In Guyana,  the CCJ ruling struck down the cross-dressing law, but transgender people still face discrimination.,. Guyana Trans United is especially concerned about discrimination in employment

Suriname's Launda Ke Naach and the Nachaniya tradition are explored in this video.

Still from Facebook video -Caribbean Hindustani

Barbados, Dominica, St Vincent (where oral sex is illegal) and Jamaica have challenges to the sodomy laws.  The Barbados Today editorialises on the  silence of the Government on the challenge.

The Minister of Labour said there should be no discrimination against LGBT tourists though.

The Jamaica Gleaner supports Maurice Tomlinson's challenge to the Jamaican sodomy laws

In Cayman Islands, the same-sex marriage challenge might go to the UK Privy Council. One MP thinks that this is time to become Independent from the UK.

Gay marriage was legal in the Dutch Caribbean Island of St Eustatius since 2012, but the first gay wedding took place in November 2019.

In Guyana, the Director of the Childcare and Protection Agency says that laws are needed to protect LGBTQ students. In Barbados, a private school discriminates against a transgender student.

The Empire Strikes Back on LGBT rights is how Professor Philip Murphy, director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, UK describes the legal challenges


Christians rallied in St Vincent & the Grenadines.. concerned about what people do in their bedrooms. In Guyana, some Christians form a political party to also ensure that people are God fearing in their bedrooms and everywhere else.

In Guyana, Minister Simona Broomes promises to  help LGBTQ youth.
In the Bahamas, LGBT activists condemn homophobic comments made by Senator Jasmin Turner-Dareus. Pride Bahamas reports about the impact of homophobia on employment.

The Antigua & Barbuda Government remains firm in their opposition to same-sex marriages" reports the Antigua Daily Observer. In Bermuda, the Opposition Leader , Craig Cannonier supports gay marriage.

In Jamaica, the Sunday Gleaner  reports that JFLAG and Dr Wayne West find 'common ground' on no to a referendum on the sodomy laws.

In Jamaica, the Mayor of Montego Bay prevents the Montego Bay Pride Committee from using Montego Bay Cultural Centre.  This leads to a court case which draws the attention of the Chief Justice of the Cayman Islands,
The Montego Pride March goes ahead.


Suriname also had Pride Month in October. The first St Lucia Pride was held in August
Belize Pride and Bermuda Pride were held in August.  Curacao Pride was in September.

Pride TT and Barbados Pride were held in July.  Reeves Gift reflects on Why Pride is a Privilege

Queer Caribbeans of NYC |Stonewall 50 was a celebration organised by the Caribbean Equality Project as part of the 50 years since Stonewall celebration.

In New York, the Dominican Grand Parade was dedicated to LGBTIQ

In Jamaica, the Caribbean Policy Research Institute estimates the cost of homophobia to be Ja$11 billion dollars annually.

They discussed their research at a forum in October 2019.

In New York, Haitian born Josue Pierre joins the Senate race.

In Jamaica, transgender citizen Rich Richards plans to run in 2021 elections.

Guyana born Twinkle Paul and Barbados born Ronelle King present at a panel on Women & LGBTQ struggles in the Caribbean for the Left Forum .


In Jamaica, the Ministry of Health and Wellness launches a PrEP project . In Guyana, SASOD joins with a private clinic to launch HIV PrEP treatment.

Arts and Culture

 Rajiv Mohabir writes about the colonial sodomy laws in The Alchemy of Love

The Yale Review of International Studies publishes " Heterosexism & Homosexuality: The Performance of Privilege & Secrecy in Bahamian Society" by Natino Thompson.

Colin Robinson talks about Stonewall 50

Rosamond S. King interviews Anton Nimblett about his latest collection of short stories, Now, After.
The Jamaica Gleaner also  reviews Now, After

 Newsday TT interviews 63 year old Mark Pereira, gay art dealer living in TT "Asked if his lack of experience of prejudice against him may be connected to his ethnicity and the socio-economic class within which he moves, Pereira said that may have been the case. "

A radio play Aron, set in a barbershop in Trinidad & Tobago explores themes of masculinity, and homosexuality.

The Face reports that "Jamaica’s brave LGBTQ+ scene is nudging dancehall in a new direction"

Vahni Capildo reviews Kei Miller's In Nearby Bushes in Newsday TT.  Kei Miller reportedly likens gays to ex-slaves at CARIFESTA. A La Plaine, Dominica man , Chad Newton writes a book of 75 Mostly Gay Poems.

Check out PRIDE Ja Issue 7 - published for Jamaica Pride

Dr Nastassia Rambarran and Vic Carnes invite participation in a project We were always here: Queer Caribbean History

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