LGBTQ+ and Caribbean politics - Caribbean IRN Update January, February 2020


In Jamaica, the People's National Party affirmed " its commitment to non-discrimination based on class, colour, creed or sexual orientation," as it apologised for the homopohobic comments against MP of the Jamaica Labour Party. There was public outrage at the homophobic attacks.

In Cayman Islands, MLA  Anthony Eden says that natural disasters and diseases are warnings over the gay lifestyle.

In Guyana, the rainbow spreads over Elections 2020 as SASOD presents its LGBTQ Manifesto to the political parties.

The agenda does not have anything like "Make Guyana Gay" or "destroy the family" and so most of the parties contesting the elections attend a Town Hall meeting organised by SASOD. The parties  presented a spectrum of positions on LGBTQ+ rights ranging from uncertainty and need for 'public consultation' to outright support.

One party Peoples Republic Party is contesting with a manifesto which states "It is alarming that both the Coalition Government Ministers (including the Minister of Education) and top Opposition Leaders are seen giving support at events held by the homosexual lobby" while  A New and United Guyana has a list of actions they will pursue on LGBTQ+ Issues.

(Update 27 Feb, 2020 - The Citizenship Initiative also posted their manifesto related to LGBT Rights )


The Court of Appeal in Belize upholds the decision of the High Court, 10 years after Caleb Orozco first challenged the sodomy laws of Belize. The Jamaica Gleaner editorialises in support of the ruling, and asks about the case filed by Maurice Tomlinson.

Guyana was urged to "remove the ban on gay sex" at the Universal Periodic Review process.

In Barbados, Alexa Hoffman files a case at the Employment Tribunal on unfair termination on the basis of gender identity.

The BBC has an article about 'The region which legislates who you can love" , referring to the Eastern Caribbean.

Cayman Islands might work on a civil partnership bill.


The Trinidad Express celebrates the 'Miracle' baby born to Shaciba St Louis and Lisa Melville.

The Barbados Nation celebrates the marriage of Peter Wickham and Giancarlo Cardinale. Barbados Today writes about a couple who fled persecution in Barbados
Natalie Bennett writes about same-sex parenting in the Newsday in Trinidad & Tobago.

Andil Gosine writes about coming home to Trinidad & Tobago and the difference from 13 years ago.

Health and Wellness

Neish McLean writes about fighting against gender based violence.  David Green writes about the difficulty of being gay in Jamaica.

Wedica Premchand writes Bride to Pride about coming out.

St Vincent born Sergeant Guy Fitzroy Oronde Lowe-Barrow   receives a Member of the British Empire award. He hopes the recognition will help others.

In Guyana, a LGBTQ+ place of worship opens - the Hope of Christ Anglican Church.

Art, Literature, Scholarship

Jamaican Claude McKay's novel Romance in Marseille which includes queer love is published posthumously.

Vol 42 NO 3 of 2017 of the Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies is a special issue themed "Gender, Sexuality and Feminism in the Caribbean: Transdisciplinary Engagements"

Colin Robinson reflects on  Rêvenir , an exhibition by Andil Gosine in Trinidad & Tobago.

Demaro encourages young LGBT Jamaicans to keep fighting

Equal Guyana and the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association hosted an art exhibition in December 2019. to commemorate 16 days of activism against gender based violence

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