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Message from Jamaica Gaily News

In Barbados, there is talk that Barbados will recognise same-sex marriage as they relinquish the Queen. They seem to want to do this without decriminalizing sodomy. However, the AnglicansMethodists and others were against it. Alexa Hoffman files a transgender discrimination case against the Government.

The Jamaica Gleaner refers to Barbados in its Editorial : Conversations needed about the Buggery Law, even as "TVJ wins court battle against Gay Activist" . The Jamaica Observer seems to agree about the time to deal with Thorny Issues.  However the majority of Jamaicans in a poll want to keep the anti-sodomy laws.

In Cayman Islands, a law allowing same-sex parternships comes into place. In Cayman , activists come under threat from an online group, even as the Police Commissioner does not seem to take the threats seriously.

In Guyana,  SASOD launches a campaign against cyber-bullying.  

Just before the UNC lost the elections in Trinidad & Tobago, leader Kamla Bissessar said that "Tonight, I pledge to you that no Trinbagonian would be removed from his position or denied an equal opportunity in this society because of his or her race, gender, sexual orientation, party affiliation or religious beliefs" . However, UNC senators had abstained from a vote which would allow people in  same-sex relations to  apply for protection orders under the domestic violence  legislation.

In Haiti, transgender identities are acknowledged on ID cards.  . There is a rewriting of the Penal Code to recognise LGBT rights but there are protests. In Belize, there are 'fiery' protests against the Equal Opportunities Bill 

Intimate Conviction 2020 will be held on November 25 to 27, 2020

LGBTIQ++ lives


Men from Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados are named in this story about Black Gay men in Britain during World War Two.

The Jamaica Gaily News (1977 to 1984) are now available on the Digital Archives of the Caribbean IRN at the Digital Library of the Caribbean.

Join the launch on November 20, 2020. Register at

Art, Music, Books, Sports

 CAISO is sung about in a Kaiso. tent

Bocas Lit Fest hosted 'The Treachery in Every Poem - Celebrating the poetry of Colin Robinson" . The video is available on their Facebook page.

Guyana descended poet Rajiv Mohabir is part of this  from the Tasveer South Asian Lit Fest "The World that Belongs to us: Queer Poetry from South Asia "

Martin Boyce publishes Centipede:A trilogy - LGBTQ based in Barbados.

In New York, the Caribbean Equality Project hosted the Queer Caribbeans of NYC |Stonewall 50 retrospective.

Guyana is featured in the Global Hangout : Pride around the World

Please support Guyanese Trans activist, Candacy McEwan who lost her home in a fire.


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