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We are wired to love..

"..we're wired to love" Colin Robinson shared in one of his many discussions on love. Colin Robinson - activist, poet, hopeful citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and the world died on March 4 2021. 

Andil Gosine wrote his memorial column in Newsday TT. Gabrielle Hoosein also writes about Colin and his activism.

Friends and family also shared Loving memories in a Life Portrait and Libation event which has been recorded on the CAISO TT Facebook page

In Guyana, Namela Baynes-Henry died on March 25 2021. Namela worked in the media, and was also a strong ally and activist for LGBTIQ+ equality and in responding to HIV/AIDS.  She was a member of the Board of Trustees of SASOD .

Rights and Politics

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights publishes its decision on the petition brought by Gareth Henry and Simone Edwards. The decision calls on Jamaica to repeal its sodomy laws.  Tina Brown and "Sean" who fled Jamaica also reflect on the decision. Lord Anthony Gifford QC writes about Respecting the right to love.  Norman McKenzie writes about the  violence resulting from the homophobic law.

Annika Gray reflects on the case of Tomlinson vs TVJ and CVM as an opportunity lost for LGBT rights in Jamaica.

The Privy Council hears the same-sex marriage cases from Cayman Islands and Bermuda .

In Guyana, the Budget 2021 debates got heated  with homophobic slurs being thrown about by MPs.  However, the Ministry of Education released a beautiful rainbow themed meme in which the Minister of Education assured the LGBT community that ' you have a friend in me'. Then in response, former Minister of Telecommunications now opposition MP Cathy Hughes ",,I don't need to tell the LGBTQ Community of Guyana of my unwavering support to their right to choose and to enjoy all the basic rights.." and in which she denounced the homophobia of some of the Government members.

(transcript reported by the LGBT Guyana and Diaspora Facebook page )

Caribbean Collective Magazine writes about Jason Jones . Human Rights Watch presents against St Lucia and St Kitts and Nevis at the Universal Periodic Review

Transwave Jamaica releases  The Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming National Health Strategy for Jamaica

In Guyana SASOD meets with the Minister of Health. They welcome the HIV self-testing services. SASOD also releases its research on the impact of Covid-19 on LGBTIQ+ access to services  

Equality for All Jamaica Foundation Ltd addresses Housing discrimination by calling for changes in the Rent Act.  76 Crimes blogs about the the vulnerability of LGBT in Saint Martin to global warming.

In Haiti, Kay TransAyity provides shelter for trans Haitians.

In Belize, Our Circle hosts the media to a breakfast to discuss the strengthening of LGBTQ families.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the resources from the Sexual Culture of Justice project are available on the Caribbean Sexualities portal

Culture, Art, Scholarship

Dr Mario Lamothe and Dr Nathan Dize talk about Queerness in Haitian culture on the Rendering Revolution IGTV

Restless Books announces ANTIMAN : A Hybrid Memoir by "Indo Guyanese queer poet and immigrant to the United States" Rajiv Mohabir

Stabroek News in Guyana celebrates Guyana born actress Golda Rosheuvel who is lesbian

In Cuba, the  Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana welcomes LGBTQ+ worshippers. 

Colin Robinson's Hard Head Award

You can support Colin’s legacy by making a donation to the Colin Robinson Hard Head Award at https://rustinfund.org/2021/03/25/colin-robinson-hard-head-award/

Donations via this site are in US$ and US-tax-deductible. The award honours exceptional leaders who, like Colin, connect political advocacy, creativity, and coalition-building.

To make donations in TT$ or other currencies, please email caisott@gmail.comA friend and comrade in community with Colin has pledged to match donations up to a year’s worth of the Hard Head Award ($15,000TT/US$,2500). Please consider donating what you can through this link or by e0mailing caisott@gmail.com

US$ donations: https://rustinfund.org/2021/03/25/colin-robinson-hard-head-award/

Feature Image by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash


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