Changing costly laws? - Caribbean IRN Update July, August, September 2021


Changing costly laws

 4.2 billion US Dollars is the cost of homophobia in the Caribbean according to a study published by Open for Business Caribbean.

 Guyana Trans United organises a panel led by Candacy Gulliver McEwan, Alessandra Hereman ,  Annie Megnauth and Kenny Harrinarine to talk about the recent removal of the 'cross dressing' laws from Guyana's books and the impact on transgender lives in Guyana.


CAISO launches "Finding an Equal Place at Work : A Model LGBTI+ Workplace Policy for Trinidad & Tobago"

In Cuba, version 22 of the draft Family Code opens up the definition of family to include families with same sex partners and unions of persons regardless of gender.

The IOM publishes the "Guyana Needs Assessment on Migration Governance " in which they note that "LGBTIQ+ migrants in Guyana remain in a vulnerable state as they are criminalized by the Criminal Law (Offences) Chapter 8:11 and are not protected by the Prevention of Discrimination Act." and they recommend "Create specific provisions to protect particular vulnerable groups and adapt Criminal Law (Offences), Chapter 8:11 to decriminalize homosexuality."

Hundreds of persons supported the Cayman Islands first gay pride march even as some LGBTIQ+ activists protested the ban on public displays of affection.

Jason Jones replies to Archbishop Gordon in Trinidad & Tobago who claimed that "gender ideology was diabolical."

Music, design, books, identity

Guyana born rapper Mz Fontaine is celebrated in Village Voice News. Jamaican musician and advocate for LBGTQIA rights, Dalton Harris shares about moving to Broadway.

Jamaican handbag designer Brandon Blackwood designer shares about the love-hate relationship with Jamaica.


Cover of Nature's Wild by Andil Gosine

 Andil Gosine has launched Nature's Wild, Love, Sex, and Law in the Caribbean

Caribbean Beat in its Sept/October 2021 Issue recommends All the Rage by Rosamond S King and Antiman by Rajiv Mohabir

 Newsday writes about Nel Schneider who identifies as non-binary.

Nastassia Rambarran affirms queer identity in  Ize Queer : Naming and Claiming in the Caribbean


Please support the making of the Guyanese film Eating Pawpaw on the Seashore


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