Visibility - Parade. Protest and Citizenship - Caribbean IRN Update October 2014

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Suriname saw the celebration of Coming Out Week organised by LGBT Platform of Suriname.

Suriname was the venue for the Second Women and Sexual Diversity Conference For LBT Activists .  Paige Andrew writes about her experience at the conference.

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, LGBT Platform Suriname, and LGBTI Aware Caribbean conducted a  4 day "train the trainer" LGBTI sensitization training programme for Suriname police in October.

There is an announcement that US NGO Human Rights Watch will be visiting Suriname in 2015  though not for Coming Out Week.

Human Rights Watch also releases a film "Unchecked Homophobic Violence in Jamaica".

How are Caribbean men dealing with diverse sexualities?  Richie Maitland from Grenada talks about being a straight man involved in LGBT activism; and UNAIDS in the Caribbean releases the results of the Caribbean Men's Internet Survey

The UNAIDS Caribbean Vimeo channel has videos which summarise the results.

Meet the men of CARIMIS from UNAIDS Caribbean on Vimeo.
CARIMIS is the largest study of men who have sex with men in the Caribbean and the first to be conducted online. Meet the men and find out what you might have in common with them.

UNAIDS also released the results of a survey in Trinidad & Tobago which indicated that there was high tolerance of homosexuals in the country.

These results came at a time when the Government of the 'influential Trinidad & Tobago" was being questioned about LGBT rights and the nation was being asked to 'end the 18 year debate on sexual orientation'

In Jamaica, a poll suggests that the majority of Jamaicans want to keep the buggery laws.

In St Lucia, Kenita Placide from United & Strong discusses Pope Francis' short respite for LGBT

In Grenada, Groundation Grenada did a presentation to expand the anti-discrimination clauses in the Grenada Constitution to include protections for vulnerable groups including LGBT citizens.  The news item from CC6 has some relevant discussions

Post by CC6.

On other law  matters , there is a report that the  CARICOM Secretariat has applied to present arguments in the case brought by  Maurice Tomlinson in his challenge to the immigration laws of Belize and Trinidad & Tobago .

In Guyana, Guyana Trans United continued its vigilance to ensure justice after the attacks on trans persons earlier in 2014


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